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How to Start a Choice Based Art Class

How to Start a Choice Based Art Class

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Tired of seeing other art teachers thriving while you feel stuck in the same old routine?

Ready for more creativity, engagement, and joy in your classroom? I’ve been there, and I can promise you that choice-based art is a game-changer.

The 'How to Start a Choice Art Class' masterclass is everything I wish I had when I started my journey. It’s a comprehensive, step-by-step guide for transforming your art room into a dynamic space where students are excited and motivated.

This isn't just another teaching resource. It's a proven system for creating an engaging, student-centered art curriculum—even if you’re unsure where to begin or worry about making such a big shift.

You don't need to be a curriculum expert, have a perfectly organized classroom, or spend countless hours planning to see amazing results.

You just need the right roadmap, some persistence, and a little guidance (that’s exactly what this masterclass provides).

Inside this comprehensive and easy-to-follow guide, you'll find:

  • My signature system for implementing choice-based art in your classroom
  • Strategies for managing a choice-based classroom effectively
  • Real-life examples to inspire you
  • Action steps to keep you on track and making progress

It's designed to work with your teaching style, not against it. Each module gives you practical tips and tasks to implement immediately. No overwhelm, no endless prep work, just steady progress.

Whether you’re a new teacher, have years of experience, or are just looking to refresh your approach, this masterclass helps you create a vibrant and engaging art program.

Plus, it’s a system you can adapt and use again and again. Implement choice-based art in one class, then expand to others as you see the benefits.


If you’re ready to transform your classroom into a space that fosters creativity and excitement, it’s time to grab the 'How to Start a Choice Art Class' masterclass.

(Warning: results have been known to cause shock, disbelief, and a complete new POV on teaching)

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